Diet Adventurers: Find Your Unique Compass!

YBWC seeks adventurers willing to explore new territory!

Have you been on the diet-go-round too many times with no success? Do you feel as though exercise is difficult, boring or merely wishful thinking? Is the vim and vigor of a New Year’s Resolution gone by January 2?

The coaches at YBWC are here to help! Coach Regina and her colleague Joanne would like to form a beta-test group of 10 folks that are interested in a unique approach to dieting and exercise with the use of hypnosis and other mindset tools.

Chuck the old rules! Feed your body what it needs, and move your body because it NEEDS to move. Imagine your subconscious reconnecting with you to such a degree that your will power responds to your body’s needs in a fun, healthful way!

Since this concept is still in its early phase — as we said, this is a beta test — our first group is designed as much to help you as it is for us to build upon the program’s framework. As such, the 12-week program will only cost you $50! The program calls for a commitment of meetings once per week, with email and text message support available.

For program information or to sign up, please contact YBWC. We thank our beta testers in advance, and hope you will spread the word as we work together to brighten our days!

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