I truly dislike being put in a box, in fact in my mind the only purpose of a box is to help you better define being outside of it.  Everyone is unique in their biology, psychology, physiology and all of the other -ologies you can think of.  Over the years I have continued to add information, techniques and modalities to my toolbox.  

I offer the following services:

Life Coaching 

Imagine an elite athletic team without a coach, or an Olympic athlete without a trainer. In fact, can you imagine the CEO of a large company without at least one person who serves as a guide and inspiration?

A winning season, a gold medal, a happy and successful life! A good coach will help you identify and achieve your personal goals.

A life coach helps you focus and get to the heart of who you are. As your life coach we will work through the maze of any limited beliefs and imagined fears to a place where you are inspired to become the very best version of YOU.

Career Coaching

Thinking about changing careers? Looking for something more in line with your passions and values, but don’t even have a handle on what those might be? Making a big shift from stay-at-home-parent or towards retirement?  

The hardest part of changing your career is actually replacing your beliefs about what’s possible. On the outside, it looks as if you are looking for a new career direction. In actual fact, you may be entering into battle with your own conceptions of reality…in other words, your limiting beliefs. (Too old. Too Young. Not enough experience.  Not enough compensation, etc). Replace these beliefs with those that serve you better can open up a whole new world of possibilities.  It has worked for me; itcan work for you, too!

Resume preparation/mock interviews

Maybe you just need a revamp of your resume. I have a format that has gotten clients in the door for that all important interview. If you are out of practice, I have lots of experience doing mock interviews and helping you get over those first interview jitters.


While many people have heard of hypnosis, it has often been in the context of stage hypnosis. Stage hypnosis is primarily a theatrical performance. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective technique to modify or eliminate a wide range of unwanted behaviors. 

By creating a deep state of relaxation and a heightened state of suggestibility, it is possible to initiate changes in behavior. These can range from breaking bad habits like nail-biting and smoking to overcoming insomnia, eliminating test anxiety or even pain management.   


When you change a limiting belief about what is and is not possible, you open up new possibilities for success. PSYCH-K is a non-invasive way to do just that. In a matter of minutes, you can synchronize the left and right hemisphere of your brain — allowing your mind to work in harmony with new beliefs. To learn more, read the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

Emotion Code

Clear out the “emotional baggage” from past traumatic experiences with Emotion Code. Tap into trapped emotions that influence our belief system and our behavior — and say goodbye to unprocessed or stuck emotions for good. 


For every thought — conscious and subconscious —there is a corresponding energy “bar” in your body. Effortless, nurturing and relaxing, this process allows you to access the different bars of energy and change judgements, limited beliefs and pre-conceived notions.

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming — specifically the connection of neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns (programming). Similar to hypnosis, this technique is particularly helpful in the treatment of phobias, anxiety, depression, ADD, communication issues and more.

EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique aka “Tapping”)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly referred to as “tapping” or “emotional acupuncture”, is a gentle way to release negative emotions. It’s a simple approach involving ten crucial acupuncture points on your body.

Access Consciousness Body Work 

Energetic Facelift Working with the energy in your body Access Facelift enables the cells in your body to be restored and rejuvenated. It is a wonderful way to reduce the signs of stress and aging on the face as well as create similar effects throughout the body. 

MTVSS  (Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System) is considered the ‘tool of choice’ when working with bodies. It changes all kinds of things in the body that is not normally considered possible. It can be used to ease and heal malfunction in different systems of the body, achieving relaxation, and experiencing an overall ease at being in your body to name just a few results. It also seems to work dynamically on the immune system. MTVSS can be used on any body part or system. With the addition of other energies, it can create massive shifts.