I am Regina (or Reggie, if you like), and I am a:

  • Mother
  • Grandmother
  • Consummate volunteer
  • Toxicologist
  • Energy Life and Career Coach
  • Breeder of Siberian Forest Cats and Havanese dogs (placed in emotional support and therapy jobs)

My experiences have exposed me to many obstacles, and the limiting beliefs they create. I have found ways to connect my mind, body and soul with light, and believe we all have light to shine in our world.

My earnest desire is for everyone to connect with their light. Obstacles are temporary challenges to overcome, not permanent restrictions on our abilities. 

Life events are inherently neutral. Our response to them are what create context for positive or negative shades in our lives. Divorce, career changes, the birth of a child or diagnosis of a serious medical condition are all, on their own, just a “thing.” The contrast between the thing itself and your own experience is where our bright world is most accessible. 

All experiences are a gift or a lesson. Failure is often assigned to our experiences by a culture that moves too fast for us to truly appreciate life in the moment. However, my focus is on showing clients that each challenge is an opportunity to succeed at a newer, higher level than before, or else a lesson to learn for the next challenge.

My goal is to share this positivity-oriented perspective. I coach from a position that my life — complete with its unique challenges and lessons — has been an educational experience. I seek to share my lessons from experience, to encourage your best self to take the helm, to assert the power you possess for shaping each day of your life into a magnificent adventure, not just another day at the office. 

So let’s brighten our worlds!